The calendar is an online astrology tool-planner for your business and daily success, which guides you in important categories such as contacts, money, risk, news, and decisions, according to your or your business birth information.

The calendar is distributed into five main categories:

Contacts- Connections: This section covers direct communication, phone calls, emails, mails, and documents.

Symbol key questions:

> What news is expected today—good or challenging?
> Is planning a meeting/training straightforward or complex?
> Will all parties interpret the information correctly?
> Consider double-checking papers?

Money- Finances: Covering all money-related transactions, financial flows, and accounting, this section involves both incoming and outgoing funds. It also includes various material goods, resources, and visual aspects, such as a visit to the hairdresser for your beauty needs.

Key questions prompted by this symbol:

> Are there any unexpected expenses or income?
> Is there a risk of overpaying?
> Is it a suitable time to address accounting matters?
> Consider planning visual aspects today, be it personal (like a visit to the hairdresser) or related to business products (design, packaging), and others.

Risk-Taking: This category focuses on seizing opportunities and taking action. The symbol provides insights into personal energy levels, willpower, courage, and decisiveness—essentially, your "personal drive." It also involves various activities with equipment, tools, and machinery.

The symbol guides practical questions:

> Will I have the energy for planned tasks, or will it be wasted effort?
> Will I overreact?
> When is the optimal time to overcome obstacles?
> Is today suitable for a fast drive with my car? :)

News and Exploration: Involves new projects, ideas, campaigns, travel, foreign transactions, and justice matters.

The symbol guides the following questions:
> What opportunities exist to implement new ideas, options, or projects?
> Am I overly optimistic about the situation?
> Is it a favorable time for business trips, flights, or travel?
> What about justice-related issues?

Decision-Making: Involves decisions, contracts, and long-term projects.

The symbol guides:

> Is now the right time for long-term decisions or signing long-term agreements?
> Is there a need for more extensive planning?
> When is the most appropriate time for communication with state institutions?

Each day comes with specific instructions for every category based on the prevailing conditions.

Positive or easily achievable times are highlighted in green.

Challenging periods are marked in red.

Grey symbols indicate neutrality in the respective category.

Advice for beginners in assessing calendar information or making their own astrological observations:

!To grasp the symbolism, it may take at least a month!


At the beginning of the week, evaluate the indications of your astrology calendar:
> What signs does my/personal/business calendar indicate this week?
> Is the overall week positive (green indications), tense (red indications), or neutral (gray symbols)?
> Which symbols are highlighted, and what themes do they touch upon?

Create a plan for the week regarding astrological information:
> Flow with the stream, i.e., "do as it goes," regardless of the astrology calendar indications.
> Observe the calendar indications.
> Experiment by acting contrary to the calendar indications.

Week's outcome:
> Do the calendar indications overall align with the mood of the week: green - everything went smoothly and even better; red - plans went awry; neutral - nothing special happened or it was a downtime.
> If there was experimentation, what observations were made?

For example,

How did the meetings/training go? Was it easy to communicate with conversation partners? Were there any unexpected, pleasant or unpleasant phone calls/email exchanges? Were there any mistakes in papers/documents? Misinterpretation of information?

Were there any unforeseen expenses/income (even a close relative remembered to return 5 euros)? Desire to make a purchase? Dealing with credit institutions? Accounting questions?

Risk and Action:
Did spontaneous actions/work justify themselves? Was there a desire to be actively engaged/energized?

Did any new ideas/opportunities/projects arise? Solutions to situations? Business trips/flights/travel?

Was any decision made or agreement signed during this time? How is the collaboration proceeding after the agreement is concluded?
You can record results/notes for yourself by adding comments to the respective day and under the Profile section Comments. Review the relevant time period if similar patterns emerge in the future.

This calendar acts as a 'personal barometer,' but the decision to grab an umbrella is entirely yours when heading out! Subscribe and take charge of your life!

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